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Thank You Gift Discount to Survey Contributors

3 Jan

Our thank you present…

A personal 5% discount valid throughout 2018 for any number of 2018 Short Themed Breaks you choose to book and attend at Manoir Les Gaillardoux, provided you make your first reservation before 20 January 2018.

And… a further 10% discount off any 2018 exclusive-use summer rental of at least 2 consecutive weeks booked before 20 January 2018.


  • All gift discounts are subject to availability at time of booking.
  • Gift Discounts are Option specific and cannot be switched between Options
  • Only one gift discount per booking. Fees cannot be any less than List Price less 1 relevant Gift Discount.
  • Gift Discount cannot apply to a discounted fee.
  • Gifts Discounts are personal to the Beneficiary of the Gift, via the Survey.
  • Beneficiary can use Break Gift Discount as often and frequently as they please within 2018, as long as first booking was made and paid for before 20 January 2018.
  • Beneficiary can use Summer Rental Gift Discount for any number of weeks, subject to a minimum of  2 consecutive weeks and bookings made before 20 January 2018 for a stay during Summer 2018.