Flying over the Quercy region in a private aircraft.
26 Mar


Why Fly?

Holiday memories are made of smells, colours, feelings and original experiences. Flying over the Quercy region in a private aircraft is something few people experience but is one of the treats that we can organise for you from Manoir Les Gaillardoux with FB Aero’s Francois Garet.

An exploration flight over the area could be one of the highlights of your stay at the Manoir. You will soon be lost in the wonders of a landscape shaped by massive movements of the earth’s crust over millions of years.
On arrival at Lalbenque airport, 5km from the Manoir, you will be welcomed by Francois and his wife Beatrice. Francois was previously an airline pilot and is fully licenced to fly you. His company and aircraft have French Civil Aircraft Authority approval for tourist flying.

The Piper Cherokee is a comfortable little plane with large observation windows. It carries three passengers plus pilot.

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What you will see…

Historical stone buildings in tortured landscapes. You can appreciate why they were built there 7 or 800 years ago.

The river Lot meandering between rugged limestone cliffs. A distinctive feature of the Causses du Quercy

Picturesque medieval villages to explore later. You are seeing what the builders never saw.

Then home to the Manoir for dinner. It’s a dream!

Whether you are a weekender at the Manoir, or booking Manoir Les Gaillardoux for your summer holiday, find time for this exhilarating experience!