Manoir Les Gaillardoux history

How did 17th and 18th century Manoir Les Gaillardoux come into our life?

We spent 4 years looking for our dream home in South West France. The Lot region was a favourite for us, because of its relatively sparse population, the gastronomy we knew well and loved, the conviviality of the locals and the dramatic scenic landscape, and of course the weather!

Our intention was to find a Manoir or small castle which would combine an authentic regional look with the potential to become a secondary home, matching our vision for comfort, style, space and privacy. The idea was that we would inhabit it part of the year and let it to likeminded guests during the summer.

In 2005, we fell in love with Manoir Les Gaillardoux at first sight, but it needed a lot of love and care to match our vision, so we set to work … 17 local artisans poured heart and soul into its restoration under the leadership of Francoise, our Maitre d’Oeuvre. The results ?  In 2006, the butterfly came out of its chrysalis.  The Manoir had become a home, which subsequently earned the top 5-star rating from the French Ministry of Tourism.

If you’re searching for an escape in the French countryside, let the siren song of Manoir Les Gaillardoux enchant you, as they continue to enchant us. Let it become your best-loved French holiday home ever!


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