XVIIIc Manoir Les
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Local things to do and see

Plenty to see, plenty to do. Something for everyone

The region around Manoir Les Gaillardoux is a lively centre of activities based
around its rivers, pre-historic caves, gastronomy, vineyards, villages and history

The Lot has played many roles in the rich history of the Midi-Pyrenees and beyond: historical links with England
started with the accession of Eleanor of Aquitaine. From 1152, Quercy was part of the kingdom of England, but
was extensively fought over until 1450, when the English left Cahors. A famous Bishop of Cahors became Pope
in Avignon during a “break in relations” with Rome. The region is also deeply linked with Cathar history.

Numerous local festivals and cultural activities recalling more recent history take place throughout the year.

The Welcome Book at the Manoir provides a wealth of information to help our guests quickly orient
themselves, plan their visit and make the most of their holiday.

The Aerodrome de Lalbenque, just 8 km from Manoir Les Gaillardoux, offers guests the opportunity to
bring their own private plane – and offers adrenaline junkies a number of ways to get their “fix”!
Parachuting – Centre École de Parachutisme de Cahors
The Cahors parachute centre offers the opportunity to experience a one-off tandem jump with a qualified
instructor – following a short training session on the ground, you will hop into the plane with an
experienced instructor for a tandem jump from up to 4000 m. After a short free fall, the parachute opens
and you have several minutes to enjoy the beautiful views of the countryside during a peaceful descent. If
you wish, your jump can even be filmed!

CEP-Cahors: www.parachutisme.com

Watch their Parachuting and Skydiving videos for a preview of what you can experience

Gliding – Centre de vol à voile Lotois
In this often noisy and hectic world, a trip in a glider is an ideal way to get away from it all while enjoying
a bird’s eye view of Manoir Les Gaillardoux and the surrounding countryside of the Causses de Quercy
and the Lot.

The gliding centre offers leisure flights with an experienced glider pilot.

Alternatively, if you hold a gliding licence that is valid in France, bring your own glider and the club will
launch it for you. There is plenty of parking at the Manoir for your glider in its trailer.

Aéroclub de Quercy
The Aéroclub de Quercy offers leisure flights and flying lessons in a light aircraft or microlight – fly over
the Manoir Les Gaillardoux and have a stunning bird’s eye view of the Causses de Quercy and the Lot

Aeroclub de Quercy:


The Lot Region has much to offer food lovers, from local delicacies such as the rare black truffle to the
renowned “black wines” of Cahors. A number of restaurants for all occasions are within easy reach of
the Manoir.

The owners of Manoir Les Gaillardoux share their Bonnes Adresses with their guests.

Local Delicacies
First and foremost is the renowned (and rare) black truffle, sniffed out by trained pigs and shaved into
dishes for a luxurious, heady twist. Other local delicacies include geese and duck in every guise, from
magret to foie gras, while Toulouse is the home of the classic cassoulet.

As far as cheeses are concerned, prestigious Roquefort, Bleu des Causses and the small, round, melt-in-
the-mouth pebbles from Rocamadour vie for attention on the cheese board, along with other cheeses
made from goat, cow or ewe’s milk.

And to finish your meal, why not try a Gâteau à la broche (spit-roast cake) or Pastis gascon, with its
extremely delicate layers of raised puff pastry? In the summer months, the sweet melons of
Quercy and Lectoure provide a refreshing alternative.

Cahors Wines
The area is renowned for the “black wines” of Cahors and some particularly good white wines. The name
“black wine” dates back to the time when the local wine-growers heated some of the grape bunches
or the ‘musts’, resulting in very dark wines.

A recent innovation is the ‘New Black Wine’, produced from 100% old Malbec vines in a similar fashion to
the wines exported to England as long ago as the 13th Century. Most of the famous chateaux and local
vineyards welcome visitors for guided tours of the vineyards and cellars, and offer wine tasting and an
opportunity to purchase wines.

Further afield, world-famous Montbazillac, a sweet, perfumed white wine ideal with “foie gras” and
desserts, is produced in the Bergerac area to the north-west.


While at the Manoir, why not visit the historical town of Cahors and other mediaeval towns and villages?
Other cultural activities include pre-historic cave paintings, and music, theatre and cinema festivals.

The region boasts many intact spectacular cliff-top fortresses and historical remains. Le Pont Valentré, a
magnificent medieval bridge at Cahors, the 11th century cathedral at Cahors, and the medieval village of
Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, on its rocky promontory dominating the Lot valley, are all under half an hour’s drive
from the Manoir. The privately-owned, stunning 15c Chateau de Cieurac near Lalbenque has been
recently restored and dominates the view over a suspended valley.

The limestone geology throughout Périgord and Quercy has resulted in series of caves,
open to the public, where stunning pre-historical cave paintings can be seen.

Concerts and music festivals
A number of music, theatre and cinema festivals are held in the area from Spring to Autumn.
Local events and activities

From weekly markets to annual village “fetes”, there is always plenty going on in the Quercy region.

The Lotois are convivial people and welcome their summer visitors. A number of local music and theatre
festivals animate the summer months. In addition, many villages hold their own “fetes”, often including a
market, music and dancing, fireworks, special meals and sometimes even a cycle or running race.

In July and August each year, the banks of the Lot river at Cahors are transformed into a beach where
you can swim in the river, enjoy games and activities, and picnic with friends and family.

The nearest market to Manoir Les Gaillardoux is held at Lalbenque on Saturday mornings, where fresh,
local, seasonal products can be purchased direct from the producer. The Cahors market takes place on
Wednesday and Saturday mornings, in the heart of the medieval city at the foot of Saint-Etienne
Cathedral. Here, you can find all the colours and flavours of the local produce, from “foie gras” to Cahors
wines and including delicious local fruit and vegetables. Cahors also has a “permanent” food market held
in a square building near the Cathedral. Other weekly markets take place within an easy drive
of Manoir Les Gaillardoux.
Sporting Events

While staying at the Manoir, our guests can enjoy the tranquillity of the house, heated swimming pool
and garden, while the more active can take advantage of the range of sporting activities available.

The area offers many wonderful opportunities for cycling, walking and open-top motoring, while the
rivers provide perfect locations for water sports, including boat hire, fishing and canoeing. The limestone
geology throughout Périgord and Quercy provides deep caving opportunities.

Golf is available at various nearby clubs located between 5 km to 30 km from the Manoir, and tennis
courts found 4 km and 10 km away are open to the public. Bicycles can be hired locally.

A new go-kart track near the Aérodrome de Cahors at Cieruac offers excitement for all ages – a specially
designed circuit with electric go-karts for children aged 3 to 6, small go-karts for children aged 7 to 13,
and full size go-karts with a speed of up to 80 km/hour for adults and children over 14.


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